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Jul 22

The Sports Bank.net: Latest updates on the Baltimore Ravens


The Baltimore Ravens rode Joe Flacco’s big arm and a strong defense led by the retiring and inspiring Ray Lewis to a magical Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers. That was the 2012-2013 season. The 2013-2014 season was much different. Gone were future Hall-of-Famers Lewis and Ed Reed. Also gone was Flacco’s favorite …

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Jul 22

The Sports Bank.net: Jaws coming to life off Cape Cod, Summer of sharks II


2001 was deemed summer of sharks; at least according to Time magazine. I know, younger readers are like “what’s a magazine?” There were four or five shark attacks that year which got a lot of press. That’s still very very low, and the percentage of sharks that have been know to attack man is miniscule. …

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Jul 18

Member Spotlight of the Month — Anthony


*I told Anthony as we started that, since I really do not know him well, in spite of posting w/ him for quite some time, that we would start on the premise that I knew nothing at all. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he and I have a lot in common…including our favorite …

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Jul 12

The Sports Bank.net: Cleveland Browns Training Camp, Season Preview


With the NFL, there’s always a demand for discussion. In America, the NFL slaughters everything, while all other leagues are merely a niche sport. Even*college football, which clearly comes in second, is a very distant second. Anyway, let’s get this party started. We continue the never too early season preview series with the Cleveland Browns. …

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Jul 10

The Sports Bank.net: Mark Emmert makes desperate attempt to preserve NCAA model


NCAA President Mark Emmert said yesterday thatr college athletes should receive “scholarships for life.” Emmert also told a United States Senate panel that scholarships should also cover the full cost of attending college, not just the basic needs. Well, it’s the correct thing to do. He’s finally showing movement, albeit very slowly, in the right …

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Jul 08

BTB: BTB Mailbag: Is Parity Bad For The NFL?


Once again, we dip into the BTB Mailbag to answer one of our readers’ questions. Today, we address the question of parity in the NFL, looking to other, less parity-driven leagues for answers. From Dave Silliman: “Do you think the outspoken, win-by-all-means fans will undermine or halt the positive progress this team is undergoing? The …

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Jul 05

The Sports Bank.net: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season Preview: never too early


With the NFL, there’s always a demand for discussion, even in June. You’ll notice I never complain about page views for content surrounding any NFL team. Teams in all the other leagues, yes I do whine about that. But in America the NFL slaughters everything, with*college football*a distant number two. And all other sports fall …

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Jul 04

Fantasy Football Overdose: Tennessee Titans 2014 Fantasy Football Outlooks


The 2014 fantasy football season is projected to be one full of surprises. Lots of talented youngsters entered the NFL through the draft and deserve the attention of fantasy team owners. For all you Tennessee Titans fans looking to incorporate your hometown team into your fantasy team, it could be a brighter year in 2014 …

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Jul 03

10 4th of July Questions


1. Are you going to see fireworks anywhere? 2. Hot dogs or hamburgers? 3. Potato salad or macaroni salad? 4. Any historical landmarks you’d like to visit? 5. Are you going to watch any of the MLB all star game? 6. If you had a chance to talk to one signer of the Declaration of …

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Jun 29

Fantasy Football Overdose: NFL Training Camp Dates for the Entire League


AFC EAST New England Patriots The Patriots hope to build experience in their core group of 2nd year receivers as well as acclimate Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner to the defense when they head to work July 23rd in Foxboro New York Jets It will be interesting to see if offseason acquisition Mike Vick challenges …

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