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Jan 13

The Sports Bank.net: Rams moving to L.A. Chargers


#NFLtoLA was top five trending nationally Tuesday night as the NFL approved the move of the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles, and gave the San Diego Chargers the option to follow suit. You’re probably old enough to remember one of those teams being in L.A. and then moving out. (the Rams) If you’re too …

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Jan 07

The Sports Bank.net: 2016 Ohio State football: an early outlook, analysis


Ohio State football had nine underclassmen declare for the NFL Draft! Nine! That’s almost the ten underclassmen that we saw leave early at LSU two years ago. So, if this 2016 NFL mock draft is heavy on the Buckeyes, that’s why. This is where their 2014 National Title team goes pro. You could say that …

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Jan 03

Report: Mike Pettine to be fired today


Today will reportedly be Mike Pettine‘s final one as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, among others, who writes that: There should be more moves Sunday, immediately after the regular season ends. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has already made the decision to fire coach Mike Pettine, multiple sources say, …

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Dec 25

The Sports Bank.net: Caitlyn Jenner-ESPY Publicity Stunt Tops 15 Most Popular of ’15


The great Bob Costas nailed it. He referred to the Caitlyn Jenner ESPYs Courage Award as “a crass exploitation play.” That’s exactly what it was. Regardless of your feelings on Caitlyn Jenner, there was nothing commendable or courageous about how her ESPY came about. That was an agent-driven, publicist negotiated quid pro quo, and nothing …

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Dec 09

The Landry Hat: Dallas Cowboys must be thinking: “Why not us?”


The Dallas Cowboys must be thinking ‘why not us’ after climbing to within one game of the divisional lead with a crazy win against Washington Redskins on Monday night. In a season that has seen the Dallas Cowboys lose in almost every way imaginable, the team was finally able to pull out a victory in …

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Nov 15

The NFL International Series continues in Week 7


The NFL International Series continues in Week 7, when London’s adopted franchise, the Jacksonville Jaguars, returns to Wembley Stadium for a third straight year to take on the Buffalo Bills.Now in its ninth season, the NFL international Series has proved wildly successful in the UK, with venerable Wembley selling out regularly for up to three …

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Nov 14

Death and Paris


  I spent many years of my life fearing death. It’s a weird way to be. I’d wake up in the morning and be depressed by my mortality. I’d stay up excessively late at night, trying to squeeze every last drop from conscious existence. I hated the inevitability of my demise; the thought that I …

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Nov 10

The Landry Hat: Here’s why the return of Tony Romo does not matter


Here’s the thing about a season in the National Football League. The grind, day-to-day, week-to-week, has a way of exposing you and showing the world exactly what you are. Sure, you have your surprise results each week, but by and large, the teams that are really good find a way to win every week and …

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Oct 27

Jeff Pearlman: Nothing is wrong with Colin Kaepernick


Over the past several weeks, I’ve had about 801 conversations with NFL fans about Colin Kaepernick. The exchanges ultimately come down to this: Person 1: I just don’t get it. Me: Get what? Person 1: What’s wrong with Colin Kaepernick. Me: I don’t think anything’s wrong with Colin Kaepernick. Person 1: Confused look. Me: Equally …

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Oct 14

Aaron Rodgers Looking to Go Big and Break Unitas’ Record Sunday


Gonna be a Sunday for the record books. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is at that place in his career when he’s going to start being mentioned with the all-time greats. Since taking over for Brett Favre as the Packers quarterback in 2008, he’s compiled 180 more touchdowns (239) than interceptions (59). He’s also …

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