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Jun 24

Puck Daddy: How Bob Murray of the Anaheim Ducks won GM of the Year


Bob Murray was named the 2014 NHL General Manager of the Year after voting*”conducted among the 30 Club General Managers and a panel of NHL executives, print and broadcast media at the conclusion of the regular season.” (Note: voting was actually extended through Round 2 of the playoffs.) The Anaheim Ducks GM beat out Dean …

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Jun 22

Puck Daddy: Puck Daddy’s 10 can’t-miss dates of the 2014-15 NHL season


The 2014-15 NHL schedule is here, a mere nine days after the Los Angeles Kings were crowned Stanley Cup champions for the second time in three seasons. Now road trips can be planned out and money set aside in our budgets for those games we just have to get to.* There are always certain dates …

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Jun 20

10 Friday Questions 6/20


1. What is the last thing you made with your own two hands 2. If someone hands you $100 bill what’s the first thing you spend it on? 3. What’s your favorite John Candy movie? 4. Approx how many times do you post on FB or Twitter per week? 5. Should pot be legalized? 6. …

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Jun 15

Puck Daddy: The LA Kings are not a dynasty

Blog word.

The hockey world loves a good story. For evidence, one need look no further than Justin Williams, Mr. Conn Smythe himself, who took home the award not so much because he was truly the Kings’ most valuable player in these NHL playoffs — I think we can all agree LA would have suffered much, much …

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Jun 13

“The Stack” 6-13-14


The Stack was late in posting the full blog yesterday, so my apologies. You can read it here. It’s time to close out the week. There are a few things to talk about today (most notably the Spurs dominating game four win) so let’s get right to it and see what made “the stack” for …

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Jun 08

The Sports Bank.net: LA Kings among 8 GREAT teams that NO ONE READS about


The best teams should get the most coverage; in a perfect sporting world. And almost all the teams on this list do get a lot of coverage. They all sell a bunch of tickets to their games, and have a decent amount of fans. Only one team, the program in the #1 slot, is a …

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Jun 04

“The Stack” 6-4-14


The Stanley Cup Finals start tonight and The Stack is pumped and ready for this series. Time to preview the series so let’s get right to it and see what is in “the stack” for today, Wednesday, June 4th: Stanley Cup Finals preview New York Rangers @ Los Angeles Kings 8 PM ET NBC For …

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May 29

Puck Daddy: Rangers look to put Game 5, Canadiens behind them in Game 6


NEW YORK — In hockey, it’s often said goalies should have short memories after bad games.*Hours before their second attempt to eliminate the Montreal Canadiens and advance to the Stanley Cup Final, the New York Rangers chose to make like goalies, and forget Game 5 as a team. They weren’t looking back 48 hours to …

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May 22

Puck Daddy: Jaroslav Halak signs, draft pick retained, Islanders had no alternatives


The New York Islanders made two decisions on Thursday with their typical brand of questionable logic and lack of alternatives. The first was to retain their pick – No. 5 overall – in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft this June. They had the option of flipping that pick to the Buffalo Sabres to complete the …

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May 07

10 Random Hump Day Questions


1. Have you ever bitten your fingernails? 2. What is your favorite store? 3. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? 4. What is your usual bedtime? 5. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch? 6. Do you know all the words to the National …

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