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Aug 21

No Guts, No Glory: The turf at the 49ers’ new stadium is already being replaced


Guess what? They’re tearing up some of the turf right now at #49ers Levi’s Stadium. Our Newschopper 2 got pics: pic.twitter.com/9kp9RNxo3z — Sal Castaneda (@sal_castaneda) August 21, 2014 First, a fan dies of a heart attack during the first game ever held at Levi’s Stadium. And now, the turf is being replaced. It’s safe to …

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Aug 18

NFL says strict illegal contact calls will continue


Illegal contact penalties are way up this preseason, the result of the league office telling officials to monitor defensive backs closely and throw flags with impunity. That will continue in the regular season. “We’re not going to change how we’re calling the games once the regular-season starts,’’ NFL V.P. of officiating Dean Blandino told The …

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Aug 03

Preseason Power Rankings

These are pre-preseason rankings. They might change a bit over the next month. We have four preseason games (and Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game) to watch. Injuries will happen. Key starting jobs will be claimed. Teams will look better or worse than anticipated. So there could be some shuffling before Seattle and Green Bay kick …

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Jul 31

Fantasy Football Overdose: When Will Robert Griffin III Become An Elite Quarterback?


When Will Robert Griffin III Become An Elite Quarterback? I know I’m not the only person that thought Robert Griffin III wasn’t Robert Griffin III last season. He wasn’t living up to his rookie prodigy reputation. The truth is, last season for Griffin was described as a “second-year flop.” We all know he is capable …

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Jul 08

BTB: BTB Mailbag: Is Parity Bad For The NFL?


Once again, we dip into the BTB Mailbag to answer one of our readers’ questions. Today, we address the question of parity in the NFL, looking to other, less parity-driven leagues for answers. From Dave Silliman: “Do you think the outspoken, win-by-all-means fans will undermine or halt the positive progress this team is undergoing? The …

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Jun 28

The Sports Bank.net: San Diego Chargers season preview: never too early


With the NFL, there’s always a demand for discussion, even in June. You’ll notice I never complain about page views for content surrounding any NFL team. Teams in all the other leagues, yes. But in America the NFL slaughters everything, with college football a distant number two. And all other sports fall into rank an …

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Jun 20

10 Friday Questions 6/20


1. What is the last thing you made with your own two hands 2. If someone hands you $100 bill what’s the first thing you spend it on? 3. What’s your favorite John Candy movie? 4. Approx how many times do you post on FB or Twitter per week? 5. Should pot be legalized? 6. …

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Apr 02

DeSean Jackson agrees to terms with Redskins

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles

One visit was enough for DeSean Jackson to determine where he wanted to play next season. According to Dianna Russini of NBC News 4 in Washington, Jackson has agreed to terms on a deal with the Washington Redskins. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/category/rumor-mill/

Mar 26

BTB: NFL Rule Changes & Experiments For 2014

NFL: Annual Meetings

  The NFL has decided on the slew of proposed rules change and bylaws. The NFL has voted in some new rule changes for the 2014 season in addition to running an experiment in the pre-season on another proposed rule change. Other proposals were tabled until later. Changes: 1. During replay reviews, officials will be …

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Mar 08

Bryn Swartz: Grading Every NFL 1st-Round Pick over Last 10 Years


The pressure on a first-round draft pick is enormous. He’s carrying the weight of the entire franchise on his shoulders. He’s expected to become the team’s savior and fix the biggest positional weakness on the team. Oh, and he’s expected to produce immediately. Turn into a backup and he’s considered a bust. Turn into an …

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