Jul 01

What We Learned: End of Vancouver goalie absurdity; NHL Draft winners, losers

Colorado Avalanche v Vancouver Canucks

Hello, this is a feature that will run through the entire season and aims to recap the weekend’s events and boils those events down to one admittedly superficial fact or stupid opinion about each team. Feel free to complain about it.

One may spin and spin and still be an incompetent.

Canucks Mike Gillis can try to justify the decision to trade Cory Schneider instead of Roberto Luongo after all of this nonsense any old way he pleases. Was it about getting a good value for whatever asset they could unload? Was it about how unmovable the Luongo contract ended up being? Was it about not wanting to buy out Luongo because of how much it would cost? Was it all of those things? Was it something else?

At the end of the day, this was handled in an absolutely abhorrent manner by the Canucks, and the only thing that made you forget what a friggin’ sideshow all of it was pretty much from the outset was how publicly good-natured Luongo himself was about it.

They’re not recognizing me as their maternal influence! The project has gone horribly awry!

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