Aug 17

Jeff Fisher Not Perturbed by Jared Goff’s Poor Debut for Rams


Jared Goff has made it known that he intends to challenge to become the starter by the time the Rams open the season against the San Francisco 49ers. It won’t come as a surprise to NFL betting predictions enthusiasts when the Rams rookie quarterback receives an upgrade this week (against the Kansas City Chiefs).

Jared Goff debuted in the NFL with the second team offense, lasting a mere two series. Likely to take first-team snaps in the Saturday night exhibition (or so Coach Jeff Fisher said on Sunday), Goff’s appearance against the Cowboys was much briefer than even he probably planned.

None the less, he should be fine. Coach Fisher didn’t seem too concerned during the news conference at UC Irvine. Besides, to some, Goff’s 13-play stint was more than a little revealing.

Goff’s start on Saturday was no different from his college days when he would play in shotgun formation. Coming into the game in the second quarter, Goff showed no signs of discomfort.

He admitted that the Cowboys might have overwhelmed them in some places; but Goff didn’t seem especially bothered by the loss, adding that getting beaten was bound to happen at some point.

It wasn’t until the second series that Goff’s rhythm begun to emerge. He delivered a strike down the middle of the field that was received by Pharoh Cooper; with Cooper dropping the ball and Goff being sacked on the next play, it only took two quarters for the coach to abandon the idea of playing Goff.

Goff knows that he still has a lot more opportunities to play and prove himself, which explains why he didn’t seem particularly perturbed by the loss. Fisher also thought he made a great throw when he stepped up in the pocket, this against a coverage that is tough to fit the ball in.

Managing the huddle and line of scrimmage well enough, the coach is confident in Goff’s abilities to make progressive gains over the next few games, or so he said.

The team’s start was solid enough. Though Goff was always going to be the focus of attention, it didn’t take Sean Mannion long to grab the spotlight, especially when he passed for 3 second-half touchdowns.

Keenum seemed a little upset that they didn’t get the ball first; he also quietly completed six of seven passes.

Fisher had a little more to say about the game after he reviewed it, especially regarding the return of the opening kickoff for a touchdown by Lucky Whitehead (Dallas); fisher took note of two holding infractions and blocks in the back that weren’t called.

To Fisher’s credit, he wasn’t bitter, simply accepting them as part of the preseason. There is still a lot more for players like Goff to learn. Though, it is worth noting how well Alec Ogletree did despite starting at middle linebacker for the first time.

Having only recovered from an ankle injury that kept him down for an entire season, two solo tackles were credited to Ogletree.

Fisher has managed to maintain a positive mindset about a game that didn’t go his way; though, it could be argued that the ability to maintain one’s composure is essential for a coach in the NFL.


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