Oct 12

College Football Rankings: New Teams Emerge at the Bottom of the Rankings


There were no notable changes in the Week 7 AP poll, so there isn’t much to talk about in that regard. What will probably generate interest are all the new squads emerging at the bottom. P.J. Fleck’s team, the Western Michigan Broncos finally entered the Top 25, falling at number 24, which didn’t really upset any NCAA football Odds.

Presently 2-0 against Big Ten teams, the Broncos are doing well enough against MAC teams, their performance dependent on the talents of players like Quarterback Zach Terrell who has been averaging 9.79 yards per attempt in 2016 even while tossing 15 touchdowns and no interceptions to speak of.

The reason Western Michigan is succeeding isn’t that hard to understand. They do not make mistakes in football, or rather they do everything in their power to avoid mistakes, and they have succeeded so far.

More importantly, they are an explosive team, and that combination of explosive power and accurate plays is rare. They are quickly becoming the favorites in the league, expected to run the table if all goes according to plan.

Some people have called them the feel-good team of the week alongside Navy who are presently ranked 25th and who upset Houston on Saturday. When it comes to the college Football playoffs, all eyes are on Washington.

The Huskies’ thrashing of Oregon didn’t help them make a dent in the poll this week, but they definitely control their own destiny. If two of the teams above them play in the Big ten East, they must then square off against one another on November 26th.

Columbus will play host to a sort of College Football Playoff play-in game when Ohio State and Michigan battle. If Washington goes unbeaten it could snag the losers spot.

There is a lot of stability at the top of the rankings this year, at least when compared to last year, especially with teams like Alabama and Clemson looking so outstanding.

Of course, it would be premature to make any concrete pronunciations at this point; there is still so much more football left to play and, with so many teams making notable strides, things could change down the line.

Miami continues to flounder in the shadow of its rival Florida State. The Seminoles are enjoying the favor of voters who rewarded them this week. Jimbo Fisher’s crew probably didn’t think that they would make such a jump, leaping nine spots, but their gritty road win did the trick.

At this point, though, you cannot help but sympathize with the Houston Cougars. They could have gone the season undefeated if they had just beaten Navy, who more than deserved to win.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t have any hope for the rest of the season. Their chances of beating Louisville later this season are quite high. But, to vie for the national championship, everyone agrees that the Cougars will require a lot of help.

The Broncos have a perfect 5-0 so far and presently sit at Number 15 in this week’s poll. They will take on BYU in a few short weeks; going undefeated won’t be a dream anymore if they win on the 20th of October.

People love rooting for teams that have no realistic chance of getting to the playoff, and chaos would indeed ensue if the teams emerging at the bottom of the table actually steal success from their more favorable counterparts.


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