Nov 22

Cowboys are Closing Gap on Patriots as the Super Bowl Faves in Vegas


When Jay Rood who is vice president of race & sports for the MGM did review his book’s odds after winning the Super Bowl on the Sunday afternoon, this was something that many had not thought was going to happen. It was a shock in the history for the Dallas Cowboys as the favorites – even the ahead of champions New England Patriots. When you click here, you will get the ‘Click here‘ for the latest Super Bowl picks thus enabling you to make huge savings in terms of the options.

Rood did just stopped a short trimming on the Cowboys’ odds with an aim of winning the Super Bowl from the 4-1 to even 11-5, after the 27-17 massive win over Baltimore Ravens. In addition, the Patriots are close 9-5 during the MGM. While many did not think that it was possible, they got the right information especially when dealing with the issues.

“They are pretty neck-and-neck especially with the Patriots, if it is not a bit better,” said Rood after the 9-1 Cowboys, which was close to money to win NFC. “They have won 9 in a row at the same time are looking for a real solid. It is apparent they are the favorites for the home-field advantage.” This would be a massive performance especially when dealing with the issues.

The MGM sportsbook is now having Dallas listed at a 6-5 as a way of representing the NFC within the Super Bowl. The Dallas did begin the season at a 8-1 as a way of winning the conference just behind 5 other teams. The Cowboys did traditionally a popular thing in public with a quarterback of Tony Romo going down within a back injury in preseason, which bettors shied away. During the process, it was MGM, 5 teams that had attracted even more bets when winning the Super Bowl as opposed to the Cowboys.

In fact, during the process of having more Super Bowl bets in the process placed at the Green Bay Packers compared to the Westgate SuperBook and MGM. With Packers fell to 4-6 this season after their 42-24 loss on Sunday night at Washington, Green Bay’s 4th loss in one row). This performance was a poor given the amount of effort they had put during the process when dealing with the situations. Since the rookie called quarterback Dak Prescott with rookie running back by the name of Ezekiel Elliott shining, which made him do excellent performance when he was gravitating toward the Cowboys especially in recent weeks.

However, not everyone who was on board Cowboys’ bandwagon during week, whenever they are hosted Ravens as seven-point favorites. In the earlier during the week, the Dallas was having a 7.5- with an 8-point favorite right over the Ravens especially at the MGM. The respected bettors was to be too thoughtful on the many points.

“The Ravens had an amazing big wiseguy play,” said Rood. They were so happy during the process especially when dealing with the issues that surrounds the point. Many other shops were not as lucky as most where overwhelmed by the public money right on the Cowboys, which had brought all issues during the period. Before the kickoffs –in the Seattle Seahawks, Patriots and Miami Dolphins– covered the spread, which turned to be one of the common issues during the period when they were working.


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