Jan 11

BTB: Cowboys & Packers Playoff History: Tom Landry And Vince Lombardi Meet Again

Blog word. The rematch of the ‘66 game saw the same result. The calendar year 1967 started with some unfinished business from the 1966 NFL season. The Dallas Cowboys hosted the Green Bay Packers for the NFL Championship Game on New Year’s Day. It would close in similar fashion as the Packers took their turn to host the Cowboys for the rematch on New Years Eve. The 1966 affair had offered excitement as the game remained competitive throughout the afternoon. The final outcome had been in some doubt until the Cowboys final possession. It was a game that would be remembered for living up to what a championship match should be and seldom is. The 1967 game would be remembered for other reasons. Like the contest before, the game would be a closely-matched battle and it would also be decided in the final moments. In fact, the game is referred to as one of the greatest in NFL history. Even so, everyone remembers the 1967 NFL Championship Game for another reason; history refers to this contest as The Ice Bowl. Green Bay, in winter, has a tendency to be a bit cold, but even by those standards the conditions of December 31, 1967 were miserable. The temperature inside Lambeau Field was -15 degrees and the wind chill hovered around -48. It would only get colder as the afternoon wore on, more and more of the playing surface would fall into the shadows of the stadium. Conditions were so cold that several members of the Wisconsin State University-LaCrosse Marching Band would have their instruments freeze to their lips during pre-game festivities. Still there was football to be played, and even though NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle considered postponing the game, a heated field and promise of deteriorating conditions the following day insured that the contest would be held as scheduled.   http://forums.sportsjabber.net/sjforums/showthread.php?t=170382