Mar 05

Trump Talks Legalizing Sports Betting: “We Wouldn’t Do It Lightly.”


Sounds like a natural progression, right?

Former casino owner, business wheeler and dealer Donald J Trump now is the 45th president of the United States. Will he finally be the one to overturn a 25 year old ban known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA). In a nutshell, it prohibits gambling under state law, There are a few exceptions, the main one being of course Las Vegas, aw well as the sports lotteries in Montana, Oregon, and Delaware. There are numerous gambling sites online, but in my opinion you will find the best sport offers at bettingtop10.com

But before we get to Trump’s role in this all, what would be some of the pros and cons of legalized gambling?

One definite pro would be the boost to our economy. It is potential taxable income. That money could be well served to help schools, roads, etc. Or each state could decide how the tax money would be allocated depending on need.

It would also increase jobs, tourism, not to mention the entertainment value. People spending money is never a bad thing.

On the con side you have some serious issues such as addiction and responsibility stemming from financial concerns. People betting money they don’t have or betting more than they can afford to lose. But I really believe that is all comes with personal accountability. Just because someone is addicted to alcohol doesn’t mean it makes sense to ban it for others. Everyday millions of Americans spend money they don’t have. On cars, on vacations, on clothes and electronics. Gambling is no different.

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One last thing to consider are professional sports themselves. Will legalized gambling affect the integrity of the game? Pete Rose is usually the name that comes to mind. But again I think you put laws in effect and enforce them. I mean, how many other names can you come up with in all the years other than Rose and the Black Sox. Legalizing gambling would also filter money to the teams themselves which they don’t get now.

Okay so far we are looking mostly positive outcomes. So how do we make this happen?

Finally ..onto Trump. We Wouldn’t Do It Lightly” These were words spoken by Trump to Jim Gray on Westwood Radio before this past Superbowl. Mr. Trump said he would get input from the leagues, from the commissioners, and law enforcement agencies. I believe that was his way of saying everything will be carefully considered before an executive order would be signed. But will he sign it?

The way this presidency has started out, it’s anyone’s guess. Trump gets rattled, distracted and seems to have trouble following through, But he did say he’d consider it. And that is better than a “NO.” And as many surprises as this administrative team have reveealed thus far in this presidency, I definitely wouldn’t count it out.