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Jun 14

VenomStrikes.com: These Suspensions Don’t Make Any Sense!


The suspensions were finally handed out today for the melee that occurred at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday. Over the last two days, I have been giving out “mock suspensions” in my head on what I thought might be the outcome. I was way off! Ian Kennedy has been suspended 10 games, which makes sense because …

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Jun 12

Rant Sports: Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers Brawl Should be Turning Point for MLB


Ian Kennedy is apparently jealous of the NBA because he made headlines the same night the San Antonio Spurs blew out the Miami Heat in Game 3 of the 2013 NBA Finals. Kennedy beaned Los Angeles Dodgers rookie phenom Yasiel Puig in the face and then pegged Dodgers ace Zack Greinke in the shoulder, sparking a …

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Sep 10

Footbasket: Was Diamondbacks’ Ian Kennedy’s 2011 Cy Young-Cailber Season Just a Fluke


Ian Kennedy has had an up-and-down six-year career in the major leagues so far. He has been really good, average, and really bad, and he can’t seem to stick in one of those categories. Obviously, the Arizona Diamondbacks would prefer him to fall in the latter category, but the team that drafted him with the …

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Sep 09

Dbacks Magic Number 12 After 4-1 Win Over Padres


Ian Kennedy went out tonight and did what he’s been doing all year, win. He won his 19th game of the season to 19-4 overall as the Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the San Diego Padres 4-1 on Thursday night. The Dbacks magic number to win the National League West is now 12. The San Francisco Giants were idle. The Dbacks lead was extended to 7.5 games over the Giants and they are now only 1.5 [...]

May 03

Meet the Bad News Dbacks Pitchers


You may have noticed the Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen isn’t very good. Oh, and now the starters have joined in the opposition’s hit parade as well.

Seven games into an 11 game road trip and the Arizona Diamondbacks have given up 12,11,10, and 7 runs up in the four losses and 11,5, and 3 runs in the three wins. In case you are scoring at home..

Apr 04

Let the Season Begin


As the spring comes to an end, anticipation for the new MLB season grows stronger and stronger. With less than 2 days left until the season officially begins, I want to take the time to dive into some of the positives that have come out of the 2010 spring training. The Dbacks (15-17) started off slow but they pulled it together to have a solid preseason.