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Mar 22

The Landry Hat: Dallas Cowboys 2017 NFL Draft: Seven Round Mock 7.0


The seventh weekly Dallas Cowboys mock draft- featuring players that present value at positions of need for the blue and silver. We are now just six weeks away from the 2017 NFL Draft. The Dallas Cowboys have done a solid job of finding affordable free agents that present major upside and value. That list*includes cornerback*Nolan …

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Mar 23

Rumors & Rants: Baseball Diplomacy: Hope Comes to Cuba Amid Painful History


When Richard Yates’*Revolutionary Road was published in 1961, many critics and readers dismissed it as yet another indictment of the American suburbs, a theme which even then had become trite (amazing how some things don’t change). For years, the best book of Yates’ career was essentially ignored, isolated to a corner of the literary community. …

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Dec 25

The Sports Bank.net: Caitlyn Jenner-ESPY Publicity Stunt Tops 15 Most Popular of ’15


The great Bob Costas nailed it. He referred to the Caitlyn Jenner ESPYs Courage Award as “a crass exploitation play.” That’s exactly what it was. Regardless of your feelings on Caitlyn Jenner, there was nothing commendable or courageous about how her ESPY came about. That was an agent-driven, publicist negotiated quid pro quo, and nothing …

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Oct 06

Rumors & Rants: It’s about time the Yankees recognized their drinking problem


Dating back to the days of The Babe, the biggest tradition in New York Yankees history is winning. And going back just as far, the second-biggest tradition in the Bronx is alcoholism. CC Sabathia is the latest Yankee to be swallowed up by the addiction, but thankfully he has come to that realization before it …

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Jul 14

MLB’s Franchise Four


Some of the best to ever play the game joined the festivities for the 86th Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Tuesday at Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park. I think it was a nice touch to add interest to a game a lot of folks have stopped watching with any real kind of interest. I …

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May 28

Pace Of Play Rules And The Future Of Baseball


Major League Baseball implements new Pace of Play Rules for the upcoming 2015 season. The new rules were created in hopes to speed up the pace of the game. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred commented in an ESPN article, “These changes represent a step forward in our efforts to streamline the pace of play. The most …

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Feb 25

Who Is The Face of Major League Baseball


Who is the face of Major League Baseball? When posed to any other sport today it is a question that is rather quickly solved. NBA? LeBron James. NFL? Peyton Manning. NHL? Sidney Crosby. Boxing? Floyd Mayweather. Soccer? Cristiano Ronaldo. Even faux sports like WWE it’s easy with John Cena. There is a guy to run …

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Nov 05

Rumors & Rants: Alfonso Soriano retires from baseball


Alfonso Soriano, one of the most productive players of his era, retired from baseball on Tuesday night. During a radio interview in his native Dominican Republic, the 38-year-old claimed he no longer felt the desire to continue his career. Soriano said, “I lost the love and passion to play the game. Right now, my family …

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Jun 01

The Sports Bank.net: 2014 MLB Draft Preview with Cubs Den


  The 2014 MLB Draft commences on Thursday! Also known in Chicago as the second most important day of the baseball season (trading deadline is first). The White Sox will pick third in the 2014 MLB Draft, the Cubs hold the fourth selection. John Arguello,*founder of Cubs Den on Chicago Now*is here to get you …

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Mar 09

What MLB Team are you a fan of?


We’d like to know. Cathy and Yankeebiscuitfan have been working their tails off in our MLB forum and it’s a thing of  beauty.  Everything from the minors, to international baseball, to the history of the game. We just need one thing from you. Come vote for your favorite team so they can make sure they …

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